Fiscal Folio Declaration for Bill of Lading: Mandatory as of January 2024

SAT urges members to test the new fiscal folio function in the DODA QR or PITA prior to January 2024.

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declaración del folio fiscal para carta porte: obligatoria desde enero 2024

We inform you that, as of January 1, 2024, everyone must declare the fiscal folio of the CFDI with Complemento de Carta Porte in foreign trade transactions. This measure, announced in Circular G-0165/2023, aims to strengthen transparency and efficiency in foreign trade.

In recent working meetings with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and CONCAMIN’s Transportation Commission, we have discussed the progress of this declaration. The SAT has already updated the portal to generate the Operation Document for Customs Clearance (DODA QR) or PITA, including a specific field for the fiscal folio of the CFDI with CCP.

In view of these changes, we ask all our associates to perform tests in the SAT portal, capturing the fiscal folio when generating the DODA or PITA. These tests will allow us to identify and resolve any issues with the platform before the deadline.

It is important for you to know that the “Guidelines with the technological specifications to perform the customs clearance of goods with technological device or Operation Document for Customs Clearance Version 1.5 of November 2020” are still pending to be updated. We have notified the relevant authorities on this matter and continue to insist on the importance of testing directly on the SAT portal to ensure a successful implementation of this new regulation.